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Electric grain roaster: ecological solution for roasting cereals

Why invest in an electric cereal roaster? For farmers, it is essential to have the right equipment to make the most of the product of their harvest: roasting is an emblematic example.

Given the high nutritional value of cereal crops – take soya, for example, which is 40% protein and 20% oil – they are mostly used for the production of food and feed. For this reason, it is essential to ensure that all the nutritional properties of cereals remain intact over time, to be accessible to the body and as digestible as possible.

In fact, the roasting phase is a key process, removing all substances that would make the digestibility of nutritional elements, especially proteins and vegetable fats, problematic.

Are you looking for an environmentally friendly solution to cereal roasting? Read on to find out how an electric roaster works and what benefits it can bring to your business.

Maximum efficiency and reduced costs: here’s why you should choose an electric cereal roaster

If your requirement is to process cereals in order to increase their nutritional and commercial value, it is first essential to reduce the moisture level of freshly harvested cereals. Using the example of soya beans, the moisture content of this particular grain should not exceed 13-14%. A cereal that has been dried quickly and cleaned of those contaminants is always a good prerequisite for any further processing.

In other articles we have explained how Mecmar dryers meet this requirement:

In order to carry out a good roasting process, it is necessary to choose an electric cereal roaster capable of ensuring the best performance. Over the years, Mecmar has developed 4 different roasting technologies, touching on the advantages and disadvantages of each process.

But what are the main prerequisites for good roasting of your cereals? Certainly an excellent air circulation around the grains, as well as the correct monitoring of thetemperature and the air circulating in the system to obtain an optimised air flow. In fact, excessive heat in the roaster could cause cracks in the grain, thus decreasing its commercial value.

In order to inhibit the anti-nutritional elements, it is important to let the soya beans reach a temperature of just over 100°C. By using an electric roaster, you can preserve all the beneficial properties of the soya beans and at the same time deprive the grains of those anti-nutritional elements that would prevent your herd from growing strong and healthy.

Keeping the nutritional properties of the grain intact will not only improve the well-being of your animals, it will also benefit your profits. In fact, obtaining a gently roasted, homogeneous and perfectly intact finished product increases the market value of the cereal itself.

Unlike conventional roasting machines that only carry out roasting, with the TX series, in addition to being roasted, the soya is cooled within the machine itself. What’s more, the heat recovered from the cooling process is reused to pre-heat the soya, thus obtaining a dual benefit: cooling the roasted soya and pre-heating the soya to be roasted, thus optimising electricity costs. In addition, the presence of a heat recovery system ensures savings in terms of consumption and costs, all to the benefit of your wallet and the environment.

Diesel or electric cereal roaster? Which one should I choose?

The example of soya comes in handy again. The proteins of this cereal are rich in amino acids – essential for the development of cattle – as well as B-complex vitamins and various minerals, including calcium, iron and potassium. We saw earlier that roasting the seeds is essential to ensure that all these elements are not lost. In this respect, which systemshould be chosen? A traditional diesel plant or an electric cereal roaster?

Fossil fuel free cereal roasters ensure optimal roasting thanks to an all-electric system and advanced heat recovery systems. A system that does not require any energy sources such as diesel, gas or LPG is the green alternative that can make the drying process of your cereals more efficient, without forgetting that the care of our planet is now more of an urgent need than an option.

One example is the new electric roaster TX2: a concentration of functions and components that make it one of the most innovative and high-performance drying solutions. Already appreciated by many farmers and small breeders because it can guarantee maximum economic and environmental safety for their crops. Its cutting-edge design makes it the ideal electric cereal roaster for those who need a solution that is easy to reposition and requires minimal maintenance. In addition, the machine is plug&play, which means that once delivered, all you need to do is supply power to the cabinet and the roaster will start working. It is perfect for small productions (typ. 200 kg/h) and has a very compact design.

Would you like to learn more about how Mecmar grain roasting machines work? Take a look at this content:


In this article we have seen why the cereal roasting phase is so important and why choosing an electric model may be the best choice for your reality. We can summarise the reasons for choosing an electric cereal roaster as follows:

  • to leave the beneficial properties of the dried grain unaltered;
  • to free the grain from those substances – such as uresis and lipoxidase – that can compromise the quality of the grain;
  • keep the processed grain perfectly intact, even in the case of more delicate cereals, such as soya beans for example;
  • adopt a sustainable and environmentally friendly 100% electric roasting solution that does not use fossil fuels.

Are you still undecided whether to choose a traditional system or an electric roaster? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more details on our models! The Mecmar team is ready to provide you with all the advice you need to understand which solution is best for you.



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